legacy auctions rebrand from champaign county auctions

A New Era Begins – CCAE Rebrands as Legacy Auctions & Estate Sales

We are delighted to unveil an exciting new chapter in our company’s evolution with the announcement of our rebranding. Effective January 1st, 2024, Champaign County Auctions & Estate Sales has become Legacy Auctions & Estate Sales, affectionately known as Legacy Auctions. This momentous shift signifies a crucial juncture in our growth and expansion, and we are thrilled to share this milestone with our amazing community.

We want to emphasize that the core team remains unchanged. John, James, and Sara continue to lead the company. We’ve added strategic marketing and business partners who bring additional expertise crucial for our accelerated growth. The decision to rebrand was motivated by the realization that our previous name, Champaign County Auctions, limited our geographical scope to Central Illinois, hindering our aspirations to expand to new locations.

At Legacy Auctions, our dedication to excellence and passion for rare items and collectibles remains unwavering. The infusion of exceptional marketing and business partners, coupled with our expanding operations, prompted the need to consolidate our various locations under a single, cohesive brand. This strategic move allows us to streamline operations, elevate services, and enhance the overall experience for our valued clients.

The Legacy Auctions name not only pays homage to the rich history we have collectively built but also signifies our forward-looking vision. We are proud custodians of our customers’ legacies, and this rebranding underscores our commitment to preserving these legacies while propelling relentless innovation within the auction industry.

By combining our expertise, experience, and resources, Legacy Auctions is poised to redefine the art of auctions. Our expanded team of knowledgeable specialists ensures we can deliver exceptional services, personalized guidance, and access to the most extraordinary pieces that grace our auctions.

Despite our new brand and expanded team, our core values remain the same. Integrity, honesty, transparency, and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service continue to be the cornerstones of our relationships with you, our valued customers. Earning your trust is important to us and we will work to earn it by providing the same professionalism, expertise, and personalized attention that have become synonymous with our name.

As we embark on this new chapter, the staff at Legacy Auctions wants to express our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and loyalty. The customers and business partners of CCAE have been critical to our success. We take immense pride in our shared accomplishments and eagerly anticipate serving you even more effectively under our unified brand.

We feel the future is bright and look forward to continuing this transformative journey with you.

Welcome to Legacy Auctions, where the legacies of yesterday meet the collectors of today.