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About Legacy Auctions

Legacy Auctions was formerly operating as Fine Jewelry & Collectibles Auctions of Florida in Orlando, FL.  We rebranded to Legacy Auctions in order to combine multiple location operations.  At the same time, we took on new business partners. Otherwise, the same people own and manage the auction operation.

Legacy Auctions, specializes in providing an online auction service that appeals to collectors worldwide. With a completely transparent process, you can see your items, asking price, bids and all other details. We provide auction services for single high value items or entire estates. Our online auctions provide a significant advantage to traditional in-home estate sales, especially in the post coronavirus world.

We are often selling items that clients have collected and cherished throughout their life. This is their legacy. For many families, this can be a significant portion of what a loved one has left behind.  Legacy Auctions unites consignors with collectors looking for rare and valuable items as they build their own legacy.

The end result:  Our sellers get great market prices and collectors acquire these sought after items.  You can feel good that you or your families collections are going to someone that will honor their legacy.


Legacy Auctions

After spending 10+ years participating in auctions, John Spinks began working for an auction company. He learned how to set up auctions, stage items, manage promotions, present live auctions and conduct professional estate sales. John developed ideas for improving the process and incorporating online auctions. Utilizing the best technology in the industry, he's been able to improve marketing techniques and get his clients better results.  John expanded the business to multiple locations in Illinois and Florida.

The auction businesses grew rapidly, so John's wife, Sara, joined the company in 2019.  After realizing each business could share assets and expand the brand reputation, John and Sara decided to join forces with their marketing and business partners to create Legacy Auctions & Estate Sales Service, Inc.

Florida Auction License Number: AB4079