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There are a number of vintage and antique printed items that are valued by collectors. At the same time, just because printed material is old, doesn't necessarily make it valuable. Contact us today, and we can provide a consultation for selling your antique books, comics and other collectible printed items.

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Comic Books

Key issue comic books will draw a lot of collectors to any auction. While many comic books hold some value, collectors are looking for certain types of comic books to add to their collections.  Comic books are valued by age, scarcity and condition. Higher value comic books are often graded by third party organizations, such as CGC or CBCS.

Antique Books & Printed Items

It's worth noting that most old books and printed items are not valuable just because they are old. In order to have value to a collector, the book will need to be an important piece of literature or well known book.  Rare 1st edition books from famous authors are also sought after by collectors.  Select editions of the Bible are also valued by bidders.

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Ephemera, Photos & Other Printed Items

Ephemera includes written and printed matter that was not originally intended to be retained or preserved, such as an old newspaper. These items are usually not valuable unless they cover a historic news event or were written by a celebrity.  Other collectible printed items include old postcards, photos and movie posters and can be valuable, but it depends on the scarcity and popularity of the image or content.

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