Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have items you would like to sell, the first step is to fill out the contact form to request a consultation.  After you fill you the form, you can respond to the email by sending photos of your items for evaluation. 

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How to Sell With Us

Our auctions are always hosted on HiBid and/or Live Auctioneers. You can visit our auction page and register for the auction, so you can bid. 

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How to Buy with Us

Our pricing is based on a % commission of the final sale after our consultation. The service fee is taken from the final sale price, so you do not have to pay anything upfront. 

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Services & Pricing

We have a large network of collectors that are looking to bid on items to complete their collections. Many of these items may be in your home or storage unit. We publish a "wish list" that includes items that we are always looking to add to our auctions. You can download and print this list here:

Auction Wish List

At some point, if you are selling high-value items, you have to trust the company you are working with. 

We created a detailed article that addresses this issue. 

How Do I Trust an Auction Company with Possession of Items

In this article we discuss the importance of choosing the right auction or estate sale company to ensure a positive experience and addresses concerns about transferring possession of items to the company

We suggest that you research the company you are considering and ask pertinent questions before engaging with a company. Key considerations include verifying the company's licensing and registration, understanding their policies regarding damage compensation, assessing their experience and expertise in handling valuable items, and evaluating their capacity to provide individualized attention.

Our policy is that we only sell antique, collectible, designer, mid-century modern, and high-value ultramodern furniture.

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Furniture Policy

We work to provide the most affordable shipping possible while using high-quality packing materials to ensure your items make it to you without damage.  We use software to find the least expensive shipper. 

If you buy an item that requires shipping, contact us.  We provide a price quote and once you accept, you will need to pay for your shipping.  We will ship your item within 2 business days after receiving payment.  

You can add insurance, expedited service and special handling to your shipment, but you will be responsible for those charges. 

You must make an appointment to either pick up or drop off items. 


If you win an item, you will receive an email with the pickup date.  We schedule dedicated times and dates for the pickup of items so that we can ensure that we have enough available employees to help.  You still need to schedule a time slot.  This makes it a very fast and efficient process for everyone. 

Drop off

Our primary business location may be closed during normal business hours.  So contact us to schedule a drop-off time. 

Our team is often working client locations to prepare a sale.  We have multiple locations in different states, and we also use different locations to store items. 

Within 24 hours after the auction is complete, we will submit an electronic payment.  The only time there might be a delay is if we have property in escrow or dealing with a vehicle title that is not in our possession. 

eBay is a great online platform, but may not be ideal for every situation.  Here are some issues with eBay. 

  • If you have a large lot of items, then it will take a very long time to list and sell all those items.
  • If you have rare or collectible items, then you have to hope collectors are looking for the item at the time you run the auction. 
  • No one is marketing your eBay auction or promoting your items to a network of collectors. 
  • You have to deal with scammers or people that complain and request returns. 
  • eBay protects buyers not sellers, so if there is an issue, you are likely going to lose the arbitration. 

Facebook Marketplace has its own set of issues. 

  • You get a lot of "Is this still available?" spam messages and if you respond, scammers can now send you more spam messages.
  • There is a much smaller market of local buyers than an online auction service. 
  • People like to haggle and lowball your asking price
  • Lots of times, you set a time to meet and the buyer doesn't show up. 
  • It can be unsafe to invite strangers to your home. 

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Why is selling with Legacy Auctions better than Ebay or Facebook Marketplace?

When you buy items at retail stores, you are paying a markup. That's the extra amount you pay above the fair market value.  

Some items have quite a bit of retail markup. Jewelry is a good example and one of those products.  The market value for jewelry is often 10-25% of the retail price that buyers pay at a jewelry store and sometimes 5-15% of the appraisal price. 

Unfortunately, no. 

Jewelry has a very high retail markup.  Appraisals are done for insurance purposes. You are insuring the retail replacement value. 

This means that if you lost the ring and had to go to a jewelry store and replace it, the insurance company will pay the amount of the appraisal minus the deductible. 

Most jewelry is only worth the value of the precious metal and gemstones. This is what we call "fair market value."  People who buy jewelry at auctions are usually jewelry store owners looking for specific items or jewelry designers who want to use metal or gemstones to create a new piece of jewelry.  

Only certain pieces of high-end jewelry from luxury brands, such as Cartier, have designer or aesthetic value. This type of jewelry can be very valuable, but these items are extremely rare. 

Please keep in mind that the vast majority of people buy jewelry at retail stores because it is an item they want. It was purchased for enjoyment.  We get jewelry as a gift for a spouse, significant other, family member, or friend.  Unfortunately, buying jewelry at a retail store is almost always a bad investment. 

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We are often helping our customers sell collections from estates. These are items that a family or friend has left behind.

For many people, these items tell their life story. They are part of their legacy. The lion is a symbol commonly used in heraldry and represents the legacy of your family.  

The lion is also a symbol of majesty, strength and trust.  These are traits that we strive to achieve as an auction company.