HOw to Buy Items

Buying items in Auctions and Online Shop

Buying items is a simple and transparent process.  You can register for our auctions on either HiBid or Live Auctioneers, as we clerk both auction platforms at the same time.

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Buying On HiBid Auctions

Most of our customers buy items from HiBid.  HiBid is an auction platform that allows us to add our lots.  Millions of existing HiBid users can register for our auctions

To get started, click the button below and view our current auctions.

Buying On Live Auctioneers

If you are an active Live Auctioneers user or prefer that platform, you can register for our auctions here.  You will find our upcoming auctions on the page linked below.  There is a button to register.  You can also register to bid from any item listing as shown in the photo.

buying on live auctioneers
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Buy from Our Online Store

Often times, we get very rare and valuable items. These items are so rare that they may not sell for a good price in an auction.   These items are sold in our online shop.

Items that do not sell in 30-60 days will often get listed in an auction.  We only list select items with a minimum value of $500.  You can browse or buy items in our store. You can also make us an offer!

How to Buy Items in Our Hibid Auctions

Click on our current auctions link
At the top, select Login or New Bidder to create a Hibid account
After signing in you will see a list of our current auctions
You will see a list of current or upcoming auctions
Please read the auction details so you fully understand the process, buyers premium and pick up information
Click "Register to Bid" if you want to bid on items
Your registration will need to be approved. Don't wait until the last minute to register
We may need to gather more information if you are bidding on a high value item such as a vehicle
Once you are registered, you can bid on the items
Most auctions are soft close. Items that get a bid within one minute of closing will extend for an additional minute
You will need to pay for the item before pickup. You will also need to arrange and pay for shipping if applicable
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