How to Sell Your  Collectibles or Valuable Items in Our Auctions

Sell your collectibles to our network of over 10 million dedicated collectors and individual bidders.

Consign your items in our auctions and get market prices for your antiques, vintage collectibles, jewelry, rings, gold, silver, coins and other treasured items.

Learn how our selling process works. Once you're comfortable, give us a call or fill out the form, and we'll set up a consultation.

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Auction Sales Consultation

The best way to start selling your treasured items is to fill out our form or send an email.   Providing photos and detailed information will enable us to provide a realistic expectation of the sale.

With full estates or large collections, we will schedule an appointment to view your items. Consultations are provided during normal business hours at our office or a convenient location.

How to Submit Items for Auction

Fill out form with your contact information
Upload photos of your items
We schedule an appointment
We provide a consultation
We prepare your items for the auction
An auction date will be set
Marketing campaigns are run for auctions
Auctions last 7-10 days
We handle delivery of sold items
We present you with payment for the sale
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Why Choose Legacy Auctions as Your Online Auction House?

Simple & transparent process with no hidden fees
Exposure to 11+ million auction buyers worldwide
Auctions are clerked on multiple websites
No arbitrary pricing - market sets the price
All items listed, all items sell
Our auction technology is 2nd to none
Incentivized to get the highest prices
Professional marketing & promotion strategy

Thinking about selling on eBay or Facebook? Find out why it is better to sell with Legacy Auctions