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Why is selling with Legacy Auctions better than eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

When it comes to selling items, many individuals turn to popular platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. However, venturing into the realm of working with a professional online auction company like Legacy Auctions can provide significant advantages in terms of time and money. Below, we outline why choosing Legacy Auctions can prove to be a more favorable option.

1. Fetching High Prices

Legacy Auctions consistently excels in achieving prices that often surpass those attained through e-commerce platforms. Our trusted reputation attracts serious collectors and buyers who have confidence in our services. They recognize the quality items we offer and have peace of mind, knowing that post-sale problems are unlikely to arise. In contrast, many dedicated collectors hesitate to trust random sellers on eBay or other online marketplaces.

2. We Handle all the work

Listing a large collection can be a time-consuming and monotonous task. From capturing necessary photos to conducting research for proper titles and keywords, as well as crafting appealing descriptions, it demands considerable effort. At Legacy Auctions, we boast a team of qualified professionals with extensive expertise in selling items across various collectible categories. With decades of combined experience, we are equipped to secure the best possible market prices for your items.

3. No Scammers to Worry About

Selling items online can be risky, particularly when dealing with high-value items. To ensure a secure selling environment, all our buyers undergo a thorough vetting process before being allowed to bid in our auctions. In fact, we personally know many of our regular buyers, providing an added layer of trust and making selling risk-free. With robust fraud prevention systems and policies in place, we guarantee 100% effectiveness in combating fraudulent activities.

4. We deal with the potential buyers

Our friendly associates answer all of their questions, make sure they show up on time for pick ups, collect payments, and handle any issues that may arise.

5. Shipping Handled with Care

Similar to e-commerce sites, we cater to buyers from all over the United States. Leveraging local distributors for packing materials and our expertise in bulk shipping, we offer fair shipping prices that are paid by the buyers themselves. Every item is professionally packed and insured, alleviating any concerns you may have about the shipping process.

6. All sales are final & no refunds

At Legacy Auctions, all items are sold "as-is, where-is, with no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied." This policy is firmly embedded in our terms and conditions for every sale. We take ample high-quality photos and provide detailed descriptions to accurately represent the items to online buyers. If, by any chance, we overlook something and a refund is warranted, we cover the refund expenses ourselves.

7. No Haggling - Highest Bidder Wins

All items are sold to the highest bidder in our auction-based service. Our primary goal is to identify the individual who desires your items more than anyone else, ensuring that you receive the best possible price without the need for negotiation.

8. No shows still have to pay for Items

To ensure a commitment from potential buyers, we require credit card validation during the registration process. In the event that buyers fail to show up to collect their purchases, we reserve the right to charge their credit cards accordingly. Seeing the charge on their statement acts as a reminder for them to promptly retrieve their purchases.

9. Guaranteed Sale of Items

Unlike the common occurrence on platforms like eBay, where buyers may win an auction but request to cancel the sale due to buyer's remorse, such scenarios are not entertained in our auctions. Once an item is sold to the highest bidder, the sale is final, and bid cancellations are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, we ensure that all items up for auction are carefully selected, guaranteeing their value to our collector and buyer base.

10. We make sure that everyone is satisfied!

Legacy Auctions boasts the highest ratings in our industry, a testament to the unwavering dedication of our entire staff. Each day, we strive to outperform our competitors and provide unparalleled service. We take great pride in ensuring that every aspect of our work is executed to the highest standard, aiming to leave both sellers and buyers completely satisfied with their experience.

Choose Legacy Auctions and discover the difference that a professional online auction company can make in streamlining your selling process while maximizing your returns.