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Antique and vintage signs and advertising collectibles are gaining value every year.  We have a large following of collectors that would like to acquire your old signs and brand collectibles such as clocks, thermometers, and more!

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Sell Advertising Signs

Most collectible vintage signs were made of porcelain enamel, tin, or wood. Neon and lighted signs are also desired by auction bidders. Beverage signs like Coca-Cola are highly sought after, but there are many others.  Not just sodas, but beer, auto, oil, and cigarettes are all collectible. Common categories include:

Food & Drink
Transportation & Auto
Tobacco & Smoking
Gas, Oil, & Service
Farm & Equipment

Collectible Tins, Jars, & Containers

Tins were used to pack food and other products in the mid 20th century. Old tins from iconic brands are highly collectible. Oil tins are a premium category of collectible that often generate high interest at auction. Jars, boxes, and other containers are also collectible.


advertising peanut cans jars
advertising thermometer

Thermometers, Clocks, & Products

Brands would often create different types of consumer products that would include their logo. Anything from dolls, toys, and models, can be found in the vintage advertising market. Clocks and thermometers were commonly used by companies and have their own set of specialized collectors.