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Antiques make up a large portion of items that you will frequently find in our auctions.  Every item category will have antiques for those specific items. This page provides an overview of the most common types of antiques that you can buy or sell in our auctions.  If you have antiques to sell, fill out the form to request an expert consultation.

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Antique Household Items

Many collectible antiques are items that come from our homes. Most people have an antique or two tucked way in their house.  Some common household antiques include: Clocks, Cast Iron, Sterling Flatware, China, Decanters, Tools, Furniture, Lamps, Quilts, and Rugs.

Antique Books & Printed Items

It's worth noting that most old books and printed items are not valuable just because they are old. In order to have value to collector, you need First Edition books from famous authors. Antique magazines won't usually draw interest unless there is a famous person or iconic image. Old newspapers are not valuable unless they cover a historic news event (ex. Hindenburg). Other collectible printed items include old postcards and movie posters.


antique books
antique electronics devices

Antique Electronics & Other Devices

The earliest consumer electronics are collectible and include cameras, radios, televisions, and phonographs. Other electrical items that you may have in your attic are going to draw collectors to an auction, including light fixtures, telephones, sewing machines, typewriters, and even coffee grinders.



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