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This page includes details for purchasing or selling coin collections, medals, tokens, bullion and currency. Coin collecting is a vast topic and can be overwhelming to people that inherit a large coin collection.  Our team of experts understand the nuances of numismatics and can help you identify and sell your collection.

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Coin Collections

One of the largest groups of collectors in the world are those that collect coins. There are many types of coins that are highly collectible, such as the famous Morgan silver dollar. Coins can be sold both graded or ungraded.  Coins are graded by third party organization such as NGC and PCGS.  These experts provide a condition grade of the coin and place it inside a protective "slab" which makes it easier for collectors to determine value. One of the advantages of working with Legacy Auctions, is our large network of coin collecting enthusiasts that are looking to add to their collection of numismatics.


Precious Metal Bullion

Auction bidders are also buying precious metals for their investment value. There are many types, shapes and sizes of metal. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are the most commonly collected metals. Bullion comes in various sizes and shapes such as coins, rounds, bars and even nuggets.

Sovereign governments mint bullion, so investors can be assured that they are real. A good example is the U.S. Gold and Silver Eagles seen in this photo. Just keep in mind that there are still fakes and we having the testing equipment to ensure you have the real deal!

Some coins can have additional collectible value.  Most mints will create collectible bullion such as proof coins that will sell for a premium above the metal value.


coin collection
paper currency

Paper Currency & Medals

There is also a big market for people that collect old paper currency.  As paper is fragile, most paper currencies didn't survive.  Most countries destroy existing paper currencies when new currencies were created.  Paper currencies from around the world can be worth a small fortune.

Medals and tokens also fall into a specialized category and represent rare coins that weren't necessarily used as sovereign money.  For example, the world's fair tokens are highly collectible.