Our Furniture policy

We specialize in selling collectibles, antiques, and high-value estate items. We only sell antique, collectible, designer, mid-century modern, and high-value ultramodern furniture.

The Used Furniture Market 

Most furniture is functional (not considered to be collectible) and will sell at wholesale auction value to local buyers. This means it has a low resale value (5% - 20% of retail price) and is also the most expensive to manage, move and store.

While we want to help our customers, we would take a loss trying to sell most used furniture.  Therefore, we only accept furniture in the following situations:

The furniture is an antique or collectible item
Designer mid-century pieces with high resale value
Primitive furniture that is highly desirable
High quality ultramodern furniture
All furniture is in very good condition

* We typically only sell furniture when it is inclusive of a larger estate collection.

Some furniture is very popular. We have a large network of furniture collectors. We have sold desirable collector and designer pieces for very high prices.  If you believe you may have highly desirable pieces, then contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Moving Furniture

We will facilitate the moving of furniture for qualifying estates. Otherwise, we can also sell your collectible furniture under the following conditions:

We believe we can conduct an on-site online auction, where the furniture can be sold online from where it sits in your house
You drop the furniture off at our location and we store it for a short period before the auction (You must call first)
We've determined that your estate qualifies for a tag sale being held in your home

Furniture Condition Requirements

Furniture must be in very good condition or better. In most cases, we will not accept furniture that has the following issues:

Stains, heavy scratches or veneer chips
Broken legs, missing pieces, or any problems that would constitute a noteworthy flaw
Pet stains, hair, smells, chews, or other signs of pet damage
Flowery, plaid, or decorative upholstered furniture from the 1980s
Came from a smokers home or other strong odor.
Upholstered pieces must have solid and stylish colors.

Ultimately, furniture must be clean, appealing, and have a resale value to qualify for our auctions. When considering collectible primitive furniture, we realize that flaws can be part of the charm, so we make exceptions in this regard.

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What Should I Do with My Used Furniture?

Any furniture that does not qualify for our auctions may be donated.

If you need your furniture moved, then consider renting a truck or asking your friends for help. Otherwise, we recommend using a professional moving company that can move your items.

We have a reputation for getting our customers amazing prices for their items. Please consider the total value of your estate when making a decision. We’ve seen people decide to sell with our competitors because other businesses may be willing to move or even dispose of their used furniture… but their other high-value items sold 50% below what we would have expected from our buyers.