trust auction company with possession of items

How Do I Trust An Auction Company With Possession Of My Valued Items?

How do you trust an auction house or other consignment company with possession of valued items when you want to sell a high-value collection or a full estate?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when doing business with a retail, auction, or estate sale company on a consignment basis. You can do a simple Google search and find plenty of horror stories. The worst stories are cases where damage or theft was involved.

Even the most illustrious companies in the world have some bad Google reviews where something went wrong and created a negative experience for their client. So, how does one avoid this scenario?

The answer: By choosing the right company to do business with. Start by doing some research and ask the following questions.

Is The Company You are Working with Licensed?

First, do your research. Here are the first questions you should be asking:

  • Is the company you are working with licensed?
  • Are they even properly registered with the state?

Did you know that estate liquidation companies are not required to have licensure or registration for handling estate tag sales? At Legacy Auctions & Estate Sales, all of our business and auction licensing is current and able to be researched on the Secretary of State and Department of Business and Professional Regulation websites. Therefore, we are accountable to conduct business in an ethical and legal manner and uphold the standards of these state organizations. In fact, our standards are much higher than what is required by the state. If you are doing business with someone else, we highly recommend that you request your Consignee’s business registration and licensing information.

How Does the Company Deal with Damage?

Did you know that most estate sale or auction companies will not compensate you for causing damage to your items?

Thats not how we do business

We guarantee that all items are handled professionally by our staff. Damage caused by our staff almost never happens. However, in the very rare occurrence of a broken or damaged item, our consignment contract states “we are insured for any damage or loss caused by our staff…”

This means that we will pay you a fair market price for your item if something becomes damaged and is not saleable. We have handled hundreds of thousands of items (maybe even a million). We can count only three times when something has been damaged by our staff, and the Consignors were paid for these three items. This also explains why we charge a little more commission for handling breakables: We take extra time and care to ensure nothing is damaged.

Is the Company Experienced and Knowledgeable in Properly Handling Your Valued Items?

Navigating the intricacies of rare, delicate, and high-valued items is a testament to our company’s expertise in the field. When it comes to physically handling such items, our meticulous approach is supported by a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the art of preservation and transportation.

From fragile porcelain to priceless artworks, we know the best practices to ensure that each item is handled with the utmost care.

Our commitment to the safety of high-valued items extends beyond the packing and transportation phase. Our team understands the unique demands of each item, whether it is a delicate manuscript or a vintage collectible, and employs handling protocols tailored to the specific needs of each piece. Clients can trust that their cherished possessions are not only in the hands of experts but are also treated with the respect and diligence they deserve throughout every stage of the process. With a focus on the physical integrity and security of rare and delicate items, our company stands as a reliable guardian for those seeking the utmost care in the handling of their high-valued assets.

Is the Company Handling too Many Items?

Are they handling too many items? Are they not paying close enough attention to your items? Is the company disorganized and possibly losing track of items?

At Legacy Auctions & Estate Sales, we are a selective service. We serve only the highest quality consignments available in our market. Therefore, we are only handling a limited number of estates and items at any given time, which means that your items are getting the proper attention they deserve. We always keep our inventory very well organized and within a reasonable capacity.


In order for us to do our job and help you sell your treasured items at auction, we have to take possession.

Please understand that we are unable to leave items with consignors, as this is not feasible for an auction house business model. We need to possess the items in order to inspect, curate and list the item properly. We need to have the items immediately available when a buyer presents with their payment and contractual right to purchase. We cannot take the risk that an item is missing or damaged in possession of the owner. This could potentially destroy our reputation and possibly even put us out of business.

When folks move across the country and hire a moving company to place items into a truck for transportation to their new home, they sign a contract and give up temporary possession. Most people don’t even think twice about doing business with a moving company, but we see people who are hesitant to transfer possession to a reputable auction company. We have a hard time understanding this because we take greater care than the moving companies. Unfortunately, if you are unable to turn over possession of your items, you will probably not find a reputable auction house to help you earn the most value for your consignment. We hope that you will consider working with us and allow us to properly handle your valuable possessions.