Our Service & Pricing Policy

Thank you for inquiring about our commission rates and services. Our pricing is based on a % of the final sale. In order to determine the commission rate, we estimate the value of your items and resources required to deliver our customized service.

The rationale behind why we do not publish commission rates on our website or provide quotes via phone or email is twofold:  

We have to estimate value of items (in a range) and our cost of labor required to perform the sale using our highly professional process.
We need to schedule a consultation meeting with you in order to determine the best and most efficient sale process for your unique situation.

Our main objective is to determine a commission rate that is fair for our clients and our company in terms of paying our expenses and remaining competitive with others who are offering similar services. Resale is not a "one size fits all" business. In some cases, we can offer lower rates. In other cases, we may only be able to offer a more standard rate.

If our competitors are providing you with quotes online or over the phone, it is advisable to exercise caution because they could be offering a lower rate initially, but they may end up charging fees or high premiums. We always recommend having a consultation before making an important decision about who will be selling on your behalf.

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Benefits of Our Quote Process

Our pricing policy is beneficial to you for several reasons:

The rate we agree to is fair for both parties.
We have an incentive to get the most money possible for your items.
Viewing your items in person is the only way to truly understand the value and work that will be required to execute.
You don't have to pay anything up front.
There are no additional transactional fees for running the sale

General Pricing Guidelines

Below you will find the general guidelines we use to determine rates.  We will need to consult with you in order to determine the final commission rate.

Online Auction Service: 10% to 40% Commission Rate

Most of the time, we will recommend an online auction, as your final sale price will be higher. Our online auctions reach over 12 million collectors worldwide. This means more buyers = more bidders = higher hammer prices.  Here is what is included in this cost:

Consultation and project plan
Curating and listing of items
Photography and publishing on our platforms
Marketing of items to our network of subscribers
Digital advertising placement and budget
Labor to pack and ship your items after the sale
Collecting from buyers and escrow
We pay auction platform fees
Select items may be eligible for our ecommerce store

Consignors are eligible for a reduced commission rate in the following situations:

Total auction sale is over $50,000.
Any individual item that sells for over $1000
Non-fragile extra-small items that sell for over $100
Coins, paper currency, exonumia, medals
Rare sports cards and trading cards
Fine jewelry and small high end collectibles
Vehicles, heavy equipment

Estate Tag Sales (On Property): 40% Commission Rate

We can manage an estate tag sale when this type of sale is appropriate. They are the best type sale when you have a lot of large items, especially furniture, and you can sell the items from your home.  Our tag sale service includes the following:

Consultation and assessment
Curating of items
Photographing items for the sale and website marketing
Marketing of items to our local network
Digital advertising placement and budget
Onsite sales management and credit card payment processing

Estate Liquidation Sale (Short Sale): 50% Commission Rate

A liquidation sale is used when you have a large number of items of lower value and you need to sell everything in your estate very quickly.  This is the most expensive and will net the least amount of money.  These sales are conducted when you have to absolutely get out of the home because you are closing on the sale. Liquidation sales service includes the following:

2-3 day weekend sale
The sale is conducted at your home
We only tag major items
We contact our dealer network and make deals to sell your items in big bulk
We advertise the sale locally